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Date: 6 June 2006

From the Desk of: Jack Truant

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer:


What's the link to your authority site?


You don't have an authority site yet?!?!?!

Don't tell me you're still building tens or even hundreds of small sites to build up your "network of sites".


Haven't you heard? Things have changed. Networks of smaller sites all linking to each other have gone the way of black and white tv.


Single, larger authority sites covering many different topics are all the rage these days, much like high definition tv.


If you've spent any amount of time searching for things on Google, I'm sure you've seen the same sites come up over and over again in the results.


These authority sites are getting a ton of traffic for all kinds of keywords in all kinds of niches. Search engines love authority sites.


More importantly, people love authority sites.


Where else could you learn how to fix a leaky radiator or learn how a steam engine works, and everything in between... all on the same site?


Authority sites like, Wikipedia, and many more.. are quickly becoming the one stop shop for information.


When a person visits an authority site to get the information that they're looking for, if they see that the site covers a wide variety of information that might come in handy down the road, the chances that they'll bookmark it and come back to it are far higher than if they end up on a site that just covers leaky radiators and nothing else. Once they've fixed their leaky radiator, they have no use for your site again.


But, if a visitor sees that your site has a ton of other information on other topics, they'll most likely be back for more.


Oh, and did I mention that search engines absolutely love authority sites? (John Reese loves them too!)


Anyhow, if you know anything at all about internet marketing and where it's heading, then I don't have to sell you on the power and the importance of authority sites.


Becoming The Authority

In just a couple minutes I’m going to get into detail about how you can go from having just another Internet Marketing to having one the best businesses in a very short amount of time.

But before I get into how Becoming an Authority can and will take your online business to higher levels than you’ve dared to dream, there’s something I have to get off my chest.


What is it about people that makes them willing to settle?

  • Are people too nice?
  • Are they too scared to try to reach the top?
  • Do they think it’s too hard or that they simply aren’t worthy of being the best?
  • What is it that makes people settle?

I guess it’s a combination of things. At least it was for me.

When I first got into Internet Marketing I just wanted to make some money. And then when I started making a little money then I just wanted to make a little more.

But my goal was never to dominate a niche or to take my business to the top of the online mountain.

Sure, I dreamed that I would but I never dared to actually plan for it.


Well, I guess it was a combination of fear of failure, a slight inferior complex that wouldn’t allow me to think of myself as being that good, and ignorance.

Yes, ignorance!

I though becoming an authority and dominating a niche would be too difficult. I thought they was no way I could ever be that good. I didn’t even know where to start.

That’s as close to answer the question as I can get. That’s why I settled.

Now I ask you: Are you settling? If so, why?

Think about. I mean, really think about it.


Well, I’ve got to tell you. Becoming an authority and dominating a niche – all your niches – isn’t that difficult.

With Becoming the Authority You Will Discover:

  • The Simple Steps it Takes to Get Started Down the Path to Domination.
  • The Perfect Way to Go From Nothing to Everything in Weeks
  • How to Make Tons of Money in a Variety of Ways

I know, you’re probably thinking, “It can’t be that easy.”

That’s what I always thought too.Making it to the top was something that just magically happened to a few lucky people. But that’s not how it goes. It has nothing to do with luck. It has everything to do with what you’ll discover in Becoming the Authority.


authority book


I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s all easy. Because it isn’t.

In fact, you will have to invest time and energy to make it to the top. But you can make it there and it isn’t difficult. The key is that you simply have to start doing. And Becoming the Authority will show you just what you have to do.

Inside Becoming the Authority you’ll discover:

  • The Mindset for Becoming an Authority
  • The First Steps to Becoming an Authority
  • Why Being an Authority = Tons of Money
  • What Authority Sites are and Why They Rock
  • How to Achieve Authority Status


As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details.” But in this case it’s your bright future that’s in the details.

That’s because once you know the details for how to become an authority then you’ll dominate your niche and you will make loads of cash.

That’s what it came down to for me.

Once I realized that there were just a few details I had to take care of then becoming an authority and dominating my niche became easy. But it took me over a year to discover all the details. I’m giving them to you in this eBook.

Instead of it taking you months and months to dig-up the answers, you can have all the answers in your hands within minutes.

Some of the details included in Becoming the Authority include:

  • Finding the Perfect Niche for You
  • Creating Perfect Sites
  • Writing Cash Pulling Sales Letters
  • Exact Ways to Make Money



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To Your Future as a Leader of Supreme Authority Sites,

Jack Truant

PS – Don’t keep selling yourself short. Step-up and dominate your niche. Buy now!

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